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Rottweil TRAP GOLD 24 HV

Verpackung Rottweil TRAP GOLD 24 HV

The newly-developed shot wad of the TRAP GOLD 24 HV shell delivers consistently good patterning with the first as well as the second shot. In addition, the wad’s shock-absorbing compression zone noticeably reduces recoil.

Rottweil TRAP GOLD 24 HV

Shotgun shell construction of Rottweil Trap Gold 24 HV

  1. High quality blue-transparent case
  2. 22mm brass head
  3. High breaking power through hard gold-graphitated lead shot (5% antimony)
  4. Due to the new developed container wad there is a consistently good pattern with the first as well as with the second shot. Moreover the recoil is noticeably reduced through the shock-absorbing wad base
  5. Small lead needed through high velocity powder dose (V2,5 = 415 m/s)
  6. Less recoil through “low recoil”- powder with a consistent combustion behaviour
  7. Reliable Sinoxid-primer

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