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Test shooting range

The perfect combination of ammunition and rifle or pistol is decisive for the success of the target shooter. The requirements placed on the precision of competition barrels and ammunition are therefore high, especially as each barrel has its own characteristics. Consequently, it is important to match the competition barrel with different batches of ammunition, in order to find the optimal batch. 

For more than 20 years experienced target shooters have used the facilities of the RWS test shooting range at our factory in Fuerth to select the ideal target ammunition. We offer an unique service to our dealers to synchronise their clients’ weapons with the most suitable RWS ammunition. 

Ideal conditions: 

The test shooting range is indoors and the results are not influenced by the weather. Five separate lanes equipped with target transport systems and electronic targeting system are available, and testing is possible from the stock or by clamping the barrel, at distances of 10, 15, 25 and 50 meters. 

The following sport weapons can be tested: 

The ammunition is included in the low user charge. Qualified expert staff supervise the tests and provide helpful advice.

You can test our products for rifles RWS R 50 and RWS R 100 as well as RWS Special Match

For pistols we offer the product RWS Pistol Match SR 

There are two ways in which an order can be handled:
The shooter either comes to the test shooting range in person, or she/he can have the guns sent to us through a dealer. 

Shooters coming from outside Germany will have to have made prior arrangements with their dealer and appropriate imported before orders can be accepted. The usage fee per weapon and the invoice for the products to be supplied will be delivered to the dealer in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale and delivery. 

Use the RWS test shooting range to be equipped to the best technical standards. To arrange an appointment, please contact: 

Mr. Christian Thomas 
Tel.: (+49) 911 - 7930 156
Fax: (+49) 911 - 7930 282 
Email: christian.thomas(at)

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