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RWS High Velocity

The RWS HIGH VELOCITY was developed for hunting small-sized game
Due to the higher velocity - it achieves a noticeable plus of 80 m/s - this
small-calibre ammunition is especially effective. It is suitable for long guns and barrel inserts. The cartridge has a copper-coated lead bullet.

RWS High Velocity at a glance:

  • Rimfire cartridge
  • for hunting small-sized game
  • high velocity of 80 m/s
  • small-caliber ammunition 
  • sutiable for long guns
  • copper-coated lead bullet
  • calibre .22 l.r

All available calibres

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"One reason why I’ve been shooting using ammunition from RWS for years is that it's extremely reliable. I can always rely 100% on my material and that's the way it should be if you want to compete in world class shooting events"

Barbara Engleder - World Champion with RWS R50


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