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The new RWS simulation app for sport shooters.
The new RWS simulation app for sport shooters.
The app inlcudes realistic shooting range situations. The shooting world cup: Realistic shooting masters.

The simulator app: Eyeing the 10.9

A new simulator app for sport shooters with ultra-realistic graphics and RWS R10 Match air rifle pellets as virtual ammunition.

Become a champion marksman or a world-class shooter – without setting foot on the firing range: the new Shooting World Cup (SWC) simulator for the 10 m air rifle discipline makes it possible! Whether it’s a personal training session or an interactive competition, players have an easy life here. They simply settle in at their desk or on the couch, select a weapon and equipment, set their sights on the target and pull the trigger. Bull’s-eye or ‘just off the mark’ – a brilliant shot or a ticket home: The score is shown immediately in the results.

Probably the most realistic sports shooter simulator currently on the market, Shooting World Cup is a great way for genuine sports shooters to put in some additional training and an entertaining game for well-practiced ‘appletes’. And RWS is in the thick of the action as the premium air pellets manufacturer, just this time in a virtual form.

Whatever leisure shooters are doing, there’s always a couple of minutes for an entertaining game or a quick test of personal marksmanship and concentration. And to make sure everyone is included, Shooting World Cup is available for iOS and Android devices.

Apple aficionados can download the game from iTunes at

Users of Android tablets or smartphones can get the app from the Google Playstore at

Realistic look and feel thanks to collaboration with world-class shooters

Why is virtual sports shooting with SWC so much fun? Because it transfers the essence of sports shooting to a virtual world, impressively recreating its fascinating appeal with lavish attention to detail. Collaboration with world-class sports shooters, including World and European Champions and Olympic medalists, was a key factor in producing this ultra-realistic simulation, and the standards are rigorously high. So emulating their achievements in Shooting World Cup will take a world-beating performance! But the challenge lets app shooters experience firsthand what it’s like to plant a pellet smack-bang in the bull’s-eye of a target no bigger than a needle’s tip. And that’s the only way to take home a perfect score of 10.9 points.

Every detail of shooting is as realistic as possible. Dressed in athlete’s attire, players use authentically modelled, 3-D air rifles to aim at normal targets and shoot with – what else? – real RWS Diabolos. The reactions after a shot are equally genuine: euphoria if the shot hits the mark and complete concentration on the next attempt if it goes astray.

Sophisticated but welcomingly user-friendly, the simulator has yet another benefit: it actually does improve skills in real-life shooting. The app game’s convincing ‘mechanics’ make sure of that.

SWC – Shooting World Cup: Shooting in competition mode

If that were not enough: SWC – as the name suggests – also includes interactive championships like in real sports shooting. Qualifying rounds are held each month, and the best 500 shooters progress to the World Cup. Compared with 20 shots in the qualifying round, players only have 10 competition attempts with the RWS Diabolos during the finals. Winners can look forward to real prizes along with an improved ranking as a shooter. They can also unlock higher quality match air rifles by levelling up to a higher class.

The Shooting World Cup sports simulator is available to download free of charge. Players pay a one-time fee of $2.99 to compete in the monthly championships, but receive a welcome gift of 1,000 virtual RWS Diabolos in return. Shooters can also collect up to 50 free Diabolos every day!

Take a look at the preview video and then download the app

RWS wishes you fun and games, and the best of success!

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