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Our Policies on Quality, Safety, Energy and the Environment

Management and ISO certification  

Drawing on RUAG Holding’s strategic goals, values and Code of Conduct, RUAG Ammotec actively implements an integrative management system for quality control, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation that satisfies the principles set forth in the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 50001 as well as by NATO requirements in AQAP 2110.  

All relevant company activities are represented in terms of processes and managed efficiently. The company adheres to statutory requirements as a matter of course in order to protect the environment and to ensure safety. Moreover, we take reasonable measures of our own and under our own responsibility that ensure the efficient use of energy resources, and require our partners to do the same.  

Our policies govern how we operate:

  • We provide for continuous growth by constantly improving the quality, reliability, safety, and environmental compatibility of our products.
  • We are eager at all times to maintain a dialogue with our customers and suppliers. We reliably implement customer requirements in the most economically viable manner possible.
  • We use green technologies to research and develop new production methods and products while making the most efficient use of all resources.
  • In planning investments, we prioritise projects that make the most sense from an environmental and climate perspective and which make the most efficient use of energy.
  • All company processes involved in value creation are aligned with owner objectives, market demands and environmental protection. This involves a focus on taking measures to prevent errors from happening rather than correcting errors after they arise.
  • RUAG Ammotec is committed to a qualified and satisfied workforce in a safe work environment.
  • Our employees are actively involved in improvement processes.
  • We are continuously optimising our consumption of energy, and foster a green system of waste and water management.
  • We adhere to all relevant statutory provisions as well as to our own set of self-imposed environmental policies.
  • We set forth rules that clearly assign responsibility. Our procedures and processes ensure high standards of quality, safety, environmental protection and energy use throughout the company.
  • We are actively working to achieve ever greater efficiency in the use of energy and resources in our production processes.    

RUAG Ammotec

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