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A Nobel Prize for ammuntion

...this doesn’t actually exist, but when Alfred Nobel created the Alfred Nobel & Co. in 1865 to produce the dynamite he had developed, the pioneering spirit and inventiveness he demonstrated were the keys to his success. The search for new ways, the visions of new products and properties were part of the company philosophy from the very start.

The Nobel Peace Prize created by Alfred Nobel, and awarded many times over to researchers, artistic and socially engaged people, proves every year what importance aiming for improvements had, even in the personal life philosophy of the company founder. The company retained this spirit of research even after Nobel’s death in 1896. In the spring of 2002, the ammunition business of Dynamit Nobel was taken over by the Swiss technology group RUAG. The newly created RUAG Ammotec GmbH can now take advantage of the chance to create new synergies and further develop the latest ammunitions technology. It is no wonder that millions of hunters and marksmen around the world place their trust in the traditional brands of RWS, Rottweil, Norma, HP and GECO.

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