• Where can I get technical information about each cartridge?

    All information about the RWS and Rottweil ammunition of the hunting and sport range can be found easily and quickly on our RWS website under the menu item "Products": http://rws-munition.de/en.html.

    Additionally, the home page is also equipped with a product finder tool; in using it, you are only three clicks away from your desired ammunition. You can also use our Product Advisor which will display an appropriate selection of ammunition for the purpose you stated in your requirements profile.


    Should you still have some questions that have not been answered on our website, please contact your retailer directly.

  • Does RWS also cater to the needs posed by professional sports?

    RWS is a very active international provider of shooting equipment for professional sports. We are proud to have an Olympic champion as well as several world champions among our RWS shooters. A presentation of all RWS shooters and their successes can be found here:


  • Where can I get product information on the individual cartridges?

    There is a Download Area on our RWS website a, where you can view and also partially download all the brochures on Rottweil and RWS products in the form of flip catalogues:


    Additionally, each cartridge presented on our RWS website comes with a data sheet stating all crucial product information. Simply click on the "Data Sheet" button which can be found next to the product’s name.

  • What does "power bonding" actually mean?

    "Bonding power" is a term taken from the manufacturing process of RWS centerfire rifle cartridges. Since our RWS website features repeatedly certain technical terms that are not widely known, we have developed our own RWS Glossary, where you will find many terms related to rifle cartridges, shotgun shells, hunting, hunter parlance, weapons, game and sport shooting. Click here to go to the RWS Glossary


  • Why is Dynamit Nobel also called RUAG?

    The renowned German company of Dynamit Nobel was acquired by the Swiss RUAG Group in 2002. RUAG has been our new corporate brand for over 10 years now. At the same time, our brand products of RWS and ROTTWEIL have remained unchanged. 

    In this respect, we stay true to our tradition. Owing to the integration with the RUAG Group, we have obtained many new technical and financial possibilities, from which our customers worldwide can now benefit. Detailed information on the other business divisions of the RUAG Group can be found here:  


  • How often are the RWS newsletters released for which you can register on the website?

    We offer two different newsletters on hunting and shooting sports in various languages. As a rule, we release our newsletters 4-6 times a year. But only when we really have something to say. That way we do not overload your mailbox with unnecessary clutter. Our compromise: we will inform you of any novelties earnestly and reliably.

    Click here to sign up for our hunting newsletter:  


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