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  • What lead-free RWS ammunition is currently available on the market?

    RWS offers two different lead-free centerfire rifle cartridge projectile structures: The most important innovation is constituted by our new lead-free RWS EVOLUTION GREEN bullet. A partial fragmentation bullet made ​​of food-safe tin with a clearly defined carcass remainder. The bullet has impressively demonstrated its excellent impact in a large-scale product testing.

    For the calibres in which the RWS EVOLUTION GREEN is currently available and for more information on the product, please follow the link:

    There is also the brand-new RWS- HIT bullet. This projectile is designed as a deformation bullet, and is characterised by its particularly impressive take-down of heavy game, its higher residual weight and its outstanding shock effect. The bullet is currently available in the calibres .30-06 Spr., .308 Win. and .300 Win. Mag. You can read more about the RWS HIT here:


  • Are the test results for the new lead-free RWS EVOLUTION GREEN ammunition already available?

    Yes, they are - we already have at our disposal some very practical and meaningful results of our RWS EVOLUTION GREEN product testing. As part of this test, our hunters have provided us with 100 product reviews on the basis of over 900 shots performed in the fall of 2012.

    CONCLUSION: 87% of the testers recommend RWS EVOLUTION GREEN to their hunting friends. Lightning-quick impact and long-shot suitability were very well rated.

    Here you will find the entire RWS EVOLUTION GREEN PRODUCT REVIEWS.

  • What are the bullets of the RWS lead-free ammunition range made of?

    We use food-safe tin for the bullet cores in the RWS EVOLUTION GREEEN. The RWS HIT bullets are monolithic projectiles and are made of electrolytic copper.

  • Why is RWS set on lead-free jacketed projectiles?

    The theme of lead-free ammunition has been increasingly gaining coverage in politics and the media. As the European market leader with an internationally established brand, RWS wishes to join in this timely discussion and also offer lead-free ammunition.

    It was our aim to develop a “green” projectile, which would offer some real product advantages, esp. in terms of efficacy. The result is our lead-free metal jacketed RWS EVOLUTION GREEN, which presents significant efficacy advantages over the conventional lead-free bullets available on the market has (such as the full-jacket effect). These are particularly notable in an increased instantaneous effect and a secure and steady bullet impact at long-shot distances.

  • What is the difference between lead-free monolithic bullets and jacketed projectiles?

    The manufacturing method is the difference between the two types of bullet. Monolithic bullets like the RWS HIT are formed by pressing the material through matrixes under high pressure. In contrast, jacketed bullets are deep drawn across several stages of production. In addition, the RWS EVOLUTION GREEN bullet has a pre-fragmented core that helps fragment the bullet and therefore enhances the effects on its target. This design is unique and extremely intricate.

  • Is RWS going to develop further lead-free projectiles?

    There is no question. Of course RWS will develop other unleaded bullets. For instance, it is almost inevitable that additional loads will be released under the EVOLUTION GREEN and HIT marks in the next 1 to 3 years.

    But there will also be innovative new designs in the unleaded segment. This idea is to allow hunters to select the bullet that best suits their individual requirements!

  • What should I look out for when shooting RWS Evolution Green ammunition with my lead shot weapon?

    If you are shooting a lead shot with the lead-free RWS EVOLUTION GREEN ammunition, be sure to clean your gun thoroughly before the changeover, so as to forestall a target point deviation.

  • Does the use of RWS EVOLUTION GREEN require an increased cleaning regime for my gun?

    When using RWS EVOLUTION GREEN, no increased cleaning effort is required owing to the jacket projectile construction. But if you use bullets made of monolithic brass or copper, then it is advisable to clean the gun very thoroughly.

  • Can I expect a higher barrel wear and tear as a result of the use of RWS EVOLUTION GREEN?

    No. When using the RWS EVOLUTION GREEN bullets, no higher barrel wear and tear is to be expected.

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