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  • My cartridge will soon become unavailable. What does this mean, and what should I do?

    Customer requirements and market circumstances are in a state of constant change. A company that wishes to achieve sustainable market success will need to cater to the wishes of the customer and respond flexibly to the market circumstances. One of our main concerns in introducing many of our new products is to respond to the most important market trends. This means that the diversity of RWS cartridges has grown consistently larger in recent years. On the other hand, it has gradually become unreasonable to continue industrial manufacturing and stocking of very small unit numbers required for some calibres and cartridge types. This is why we have decided to introduce a leaner and user-friendly range of RWS rifle cartridges.

    We have chosen an adequate substitute product to ensure that you can continue to rely on your accustomed RWS quality. The behaviour and effects of these substitutes show the greater similarities to your original product.

    You will find a list of the respective products and their substitutes here.

  • Where can I buy RWS and Rottweil products?

    All RWS and Rottweil products are available for purchase with retailers specialising in weapons and ammunition. You may locate the distributors in your area and learn where and how to contact them by using the distributor locator tool on the RWS website:

  • Is RWS and Rottweil ammunition available also in my country?

    RWS and Rottweil ammunition is sold in numerous  countries around the world. In order to locate the right contact person for the RWS and Rottweil products in a particular country, please consult our global distributors map and search engine.

  • RWS used to sell partially different calibres than the ones they are marketing today. Why can I no longer find some of the old RWS calibres?

    Just as with any other manufacturer, at RWS ammunition, our supply is being driven by demand. If the demand for a particular calibre has fallen sharply over the course of recent years and the market requires only negligible quantities of this calibre, then its production is discontinued. Unfortunately, this is also the case with RWS when the demand for rare calibres has been continuously declining over the years. It is for reasons of sustainability and profitability that these particular calibres are no longer produced.

    However, the research and development department at RWS is constantly busy developing new ammunition to reintroduce additional calibres and fillings onto the market.

  • Being an end user, can I buy directly from RWS / Rottweil?

    Unfortunately, you cannot. Direct selling of Rottweil RWS ammunition is not an available option. All RWS and Rottweil products may be purchased from retailers specialising in weapons and ammunition. If you wish to learn which distributor is located in your area and where and how to contact them, please consult our RWS distributor locator tool:

  • Why is my calibre not available for my desired RWS projectile?

    RWS offers a total range of 16 bullets in 36 calibres. It naturally follows that certain projectiles are not available in all the possible calibres. This is because not every RWS bullet can be used with each calibre. The reason for this lies with the general structure, but also with the internal ballistic or target ballistic impact of a given RWS bullet.

    At RWS we see it as our responsibility to market only such products whose functionality meets the standards of premium quality claimed by our brand.

  • Where are the RWS centerfire rifle cartridges manufactured?

    RWS centerfire rifle cartridges are manufactured in Germany at the plant in Fürth (Bavaria). The vertical integration of an RWS centerfire rifle cartridge begins with a tombak (brass alloy) belting material and ends with the finished RWS rifle cartridge. A more detailed explanation of this production process can be found in the R&D section of our website:

  • How long does it take to complete the production of an RWS centerfire rifle cartridge?

    From the punching of bands for the cases to the finished cartridge, the production of an RWS centerfire rifle cartridge takes about 2 hours. A detailed explanation of all the production steps of RWS centerfire rifle cartridges can be found in the R&D section of our website:

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