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RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with Soft point-bullet

Due to the special bullet construction, the RWS SOFT-POINT-bullet (TM-bullet) has a very high energy release in the game's body, which again guarantees a good stopping effect

The TM-bullet is a type of bullet, which has proved itself in practice for decades and still finds many fans today, because its deformation properties apply for light as well as for heavy game, and thus always guarantees high energy release. 

The TM-bullet is available with insensitive round or pointed bullet tips. 

RWS Soft point at a glance:

  • classic hunting ammunition with a good
    stopping effect
  • calibre .22 Hornet, .222 Rem., .223. Rem., .243. Win., 5,6x50 Magnum, 5,6x50 R Magnum, 5,6x52 R,  9,3x74 R, 10,3x68 Mag.
  • deformation bullet for light and heavy game
  • high energy release in the game's body
Soft point

Construction soft point-bullet

  1. Lead core for optimal adaption of the deformation to the game's body 
  2. Round or pointed bullet tip for high stability 
  3. Tombac-plated steel jacket

All available calibres

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