RWS centerfire rifle cartridge in Silver Selection with Uni Professional-bullet

Uni Professional Geschoss

100 years of competence in the development of hunting bullets are the basis for the latest innovation from the house of RWS. 

A brand-new twin-core bullet with an over 18 % reduced air resistance in comparison to the UNI CLASSIC-bullet ensures a distinctly extended trajectory and longer hunting ranges. With all of these improvements the responding qualities of the bullet were further optimized. 

The principle of effectiveness of the UNI PROFESSIONAL-bullet: The softer tip-core fragments and discharges limited fragments. The tail core is heavier and harder and only mushrooms minimally and thus as a rule ensures the bullet exit. The sharp edge provides the desired cutting of hair at the point of impact

The UNI PROFESSIONAL-bullet is universally usable for heavy game and stands for high preservation of the game's meat.


  • twin core hunting bullet
  • Harder and heavier tail core for extreme penetration
  • Modified bullet jacket for reliable response in the game's body
  • hunting ammo in calibre .300 Win. Mag., .30-06 und .308 Win.
Uni Professional Geschossstadien
Silver Selection with Uni Professional-bullet

Construction Uni Professional-bullet for Silver Selection


  1. Nickel-plated bullet jacket for increased barrel life 
  2. Tail constriction for a mass-stable residual body and a sure bullet exit 
  3. Softer tip core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness 
  4. Ballistically optimized bullet shape for reduced air resistance and extended trajectory 
  5. Sharp edge for cutting of hair at point of impact
  6. Modified bullet jacket for reliable response in the game's body 
  7. Fixation groove for controlling the deformation process 
  8. Harder and heavier tail core for extreme penetration 
  9. UNI V-TAIL: Precision tail for excellent flight stability and precision at long distances

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