RWS Lapua Magnum systems in caliber .338 Lapua Mag (SPEED TIP PRO)

RWS Lapua Magnum systems in caliber .338 Lapua Mag (SPEED TIP PRO)

Origin of this caliber:

The caliber .338 Lapua Magnum was introduced by Lapua in 1987. It is based on the long, large-diameter .416 Rigby cartridge. Due to the length and the cartridge base, which measures 14.93 mm in diameter, the caliber requires long Magnum systems with a correspondingly robust bolt action. The rimless cartridge was developed as a sharpshooter cartridge for targets at more than 1200 meters. Even at large distances, it strikes the target with sufficient energy. For high precision, they are loaded into the RWS .338 LM SPEED TIP Professional cartridges with a 16.2 g special long-range bullet. Its streamlined bullet shape and the speed tip reduce air resistance, allowing for an extremely long trajectory. The innovative bullet tip and the V-tail bullet rear guarantee precise shots and maximum stopping effect — even when hunting large game at long range.

RWS RWS .338 Lap. Mag. SPEED TIP PRO 16,2g

RWS Speed Tip .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge

Field of applications

Highly suited Highly suited Highly suited Red deer, Oryx, Elk, Bear
Well qualified Well qualified Wild boar, Fallow deer, Chamois
Suitable Buffalo
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m -0.8 100m 150m -2.7 200m -9.3 250m -19.8 300m -34.8
MRD 190m 50m 1.2 100m 4.0 150m 3.3 200m -1.2 250m -9.8 300m -22.7
BC-Value: 0.566


Type of bullet: Leaded / Leadfree Leaded partial fragmentation bullet
Characteristics Outstanding instantaneous effectiveness -high penetration
Grain Light
Preservation of the game's meat
Stopping effect
Very high
Very high
Likeliness of exit hole
Cutting of hair at point of impact


0ft 50ft 100ft 150ft 200ft 250ft 300ft
ftV [ft/s] 02904 502820 1002739 1502659 2002582 2502504 3002428


0ft 50ft 100ft 150ft 200ft 250ft 300ft
ftE [J] 04680 504414 1004164 1503925 2003701 2503480 3003272

RWS Büchsenpatrone mit SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL Geschoss

RWS SPEED TIP PRO Packaging and cartridges in caliber .338 Lapua Magnum

The .338 Lapua Magnum long-range caliber is becoming increasingly popular. On the one hand, rapid technological advances in firearms and optics has made it possible to shoot and hunt at ever greater ranges. On the other hand, ammunition used on hunting trips has to be suitable for a variety of distances and game weights. High penetration and stopping power is indispensable, for instance, when hunting in mountains or for large African game.

RWS has now developed a hunting bullet for this high-velocity caliber that reliably covers distances ranging from close by to over 400m that can also handle a variety of game weights. The RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL is one of the latest developments from RWS meant to provide a very high shock/stopping effect even at long-range. The streamlined shape of the RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL projectile is topped off with a Speed Tip nose to assure reduced air resistance and thereby provide for an extremely flat trajectory. This novel bullet tip ensures accuracy and maximum instantaneous effect even at longer ranges. The bullet employs a V-tail, which also assures increased accuracy and stability in flight over long distances.

The SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL was designed for a wide range of uses through its dual-core lead construction based on the proven H-shell principle that employs a slightly softer, rapidly fragmenting front core and a harder, fast penetrating tail core. The nickel-plated, mild carbon steel casing also ensures that the expanding segment of the projectile retains a high degree of form integrity so that it is able to produce a good exit wound and a clear blood trail even in larger game!

That's what makes the RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL the ideal design for this particular caliber in terms stopping power, penetrating effect and long-range effectiveness.  

Advantages at a glance:

  • High-velocity ballistics. Extremely flat trajectory together with very high velocity makes it possible to hunt at very long range. This is achieved through the projectile's long-range form, including in particular its Speed Tip and V-tail.  
  • Extreme knock-down power. Quick response in the body of game is achieved through the Speed Tip with its integrated hollow point and the quick-fragmenting front core. The harder tail core provides for guaranteed penetration power. When used in hunting, this results in significantly reduced game flight and good exit wounds with clear blood trails.  
  • High precision. Unmatched precision is a prerequisite for long-range hits. This is guaranteed by the precision V-Tail and the bullet's nickel-plated finish.
RWS SPEED TIP PRO Bullet, partial fragmentation, stage 1
RWS SPEED TIP PRO Bullet, partial fragmentation, stage 2
RWS SPEED TIP PRO Bullet, partial fragmentation, stage 3
SPEED TIP Professional

Structure of SPEED TIP Pro bullet:

  1. The Speed Tip bullet tip ensures low air resistance and a rapid response
  2. The soft front core enables the highest level of efficacy and a reliable stop effect
  3. The H-shaped necking causes defined fragmentation
  4. A nickel-plated soft steel jacket ensures low friction and minimum cleaning required
  5. A dimensionally stable bullet tail ensures high penetration and a reliable exit wound
  6. The V-tail of the bullet ensures precision and flight stability
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