RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 7x65 R

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 7x65 R

The 7x65 R is an excellent cartridge for distances up to the 200 m range and beyond. Thus the whole range of use from roe deer to red deer can be optimally covered. 

This cartridge was put on the market in 1920 following the rapid success of the 7x64. This cartridge is the rimmed equivalent to the 7x64 and is predestined for break-open rifles. It is perfectly suitable for both combination hunting rifles and break-open rifles. In particular with the 8.0 g cone-point bullet and the associated high velocity, the 7x65 R is an excellent cartridge for chamois in an easy-to-handle break-open rifle. 

RWS centerfire rifle cartridge in Special Edition with H-Mantel-bullet

This exclusive special series, available in eight classic hunting calibers, is a true rarity. Every individual component, from primer through case and powder to the bullet, has been carefully selected, tested, refined, and then, finally, loaded by hand with meticulous precision. The optimized matching of the components ensures the highest accuracy and performance of each and every cartridge. Even the look of the Special Edition is a masterpiece. The legendary RWS H-Mantel-bullets are gold-plated, with noble black ruthenium-coated cartridge cases engraved with the name of the person, making this range of cartridges into a personal masterpiece. 

Brilliant look: 

Gold plated H-Mantel-bullets and black ruthenium coated cases produce not only optimum ballistics but a stunning looking cartridge. 

Personal note: 

Each individual cartridge is engraved with the name of the person and is thus a unique, individual product. 

Ballistic Perfection: 

The use of the best components, their enhancement and the hand loading of the Special Edition guarantee the highest accuracy and reliability for every single cartridge.     


Special about the RWS H-Mantel-bullet is the famous H-groove, a predetermined breaking point in the shape of a constriction in the middle of the jacket. It supports the separation of the two bullet cores of different hardness and is jointly responsible for the bullet's dual effectiveness system:  The front part fragments very quickly after the impact in the game's body with a high energy release. This guarantees highest effectiveness. The cylindrical tail part of the H-MANTEL-bullet separates at the H-groove, penetrates without considerable deformation the body of even heavy game, and thus reliably provides the desired bullet exit.  The suction effect of the tail part ensures that the fragments of the front bullet core largely leave the game's body and thus spare the game's meat.

RWS SPECIAL EDITION WITH H-Mantel at a glance:

  • exclusive special series, eight classic hunting calibres
  • gold plated H-Mantel bullets and each individual cartridge is engraved individualy with the name of the person
  • calibre7 x 64,. 7 x 65 R, .308 Win., .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., 8 x 57 IS, 8 x 57 IRS und 9,3 x 74 R
  • the hand loading of the Special Edition guarantee the highest accuracy and reliability for every single cartridge
RWS Geschoss H-Mantel Deformationsprozess Zerlegungsprozess
RWS Jagdgeschoss Deformationsprozess Zerlegungsprozess HMK
Deformationsprozess Zerlegungsprozess Geschoss RWS H-Mantel
Special Edition with H-Mantel-bullet

Construction H-Mantel-bullet for Special Edition


  1. Geometrically optimized tail for highest precision 
  2. Hard tail core for extreme penetration 
  3. Softer tip core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness
  4. Copper hollow tip for faster response in the game's body 
  5. H-shaped constriction for reliable part fragmentation
  6. Modified cannelure (since Mid-2011) for an optimal seat of the bullet 
  7. Progressively increasing jacket wall thickness for a mass-stable residual body and a sure bullet exit

Mode of action

Shot on a block of gelatine with a length of 35cm. Shot distance: 100 Meters. Caliber: .30-06

  1. Energy transfer on lightweight game (at 10 cm): 1.193 J
  2. Energy transfer on heavyweight game (at 15 cm): 1.927 J
  3. Total energy transfer: 3.141 J
  4. Maximum energy: 166 at 10 cm
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