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RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 9,3x74 R

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 9,3x74 R

The 9.3x74 R is an excellent large game cartridge for break-open guns, no matter whether break-open rifle, over-and-under rifle drilling, drilling or double rifle. In combination guns hunters like to use it with a smaller cartridge suitable for roe deer (e. g. in a barrel insert). It can be shot well from light weapons, and it is especially appreciated as a drive hunting cartridge in double rifles or double rifle drillings. 

The 9.3x74 R is the companion version of the 9.3x62, and they both were introduced at about the same time at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The performance of the two cartridges is practically identical.

RWS RWS 9,3x74 R TMR 18,5g

Field of applications

Highly suited Highly suited Highly suited Red deer, Fallow deer
Well qualified Well qualified Bear, Elk, Oryx, Wild boar, Chamois, Roe deer
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m 0.5 100m 150m -7.4 200m -22.9 250m -47.4 300m -82.7
MRD 141m 50m 2.5 100m 4.0 150m -1.5 200m -14.9 250m -37.5 300m -70.7
BC-Value: 0.309


Type of bullet: Leaded / Leadfree Leaded partial fragmentation bullet
Characteristics Well proven classic bullet.
Grain Heavy
Preservation of the game's meat
Stopping effect
Likeliness of exit hole
Cutting of hair at point of impact


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mV [m/s] 0680 50637 100596 150556 200518 250482 300449


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mE [J] 04277 503753 1003286 1502860 2002482 2502149 3001865

RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with Soft point-bullet

9,3x74 R

A well-proven projectile type still favoured by many today. High to very high energy output in game. Somewhat stronger fragmentation, therefore exit holes are not always present. Very good stopping effect. Frequently used in battues because of the above reasons and because of a certain insensitivity to minor obstacles. With round or pointed projectile tip.

Soft point-bullet

Construction soft point-bullet

  1. Lead core for optimal adaption of the deformation to the game's body 
  2. Round or pointed bullet tip for high stability 
  3. Tombac-plated steel jacket
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