RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 5,6 x 50 Magnum

5,6 x 50 Magnum

Three years after the introduction of the 5.6 x 50 R Magnum, the rimless version 5.6 x 50 Magnum for repeating rifles was put on the market. 

In Germany, the highly accurate 5.6 x 50 Magnum can be very well used on roe deer up to a distance of more than 200 m. The very good instantaneous effectiveness speaks for this cartridge with the 4.1 g soft-point bullets with pointed tip. 

In Austria, it is a popular cartridge for chamois, as the 4.1 g bullets are perfectly suitable for this purpose. 

RWS 5,6 x 50 MAG TMS 4,1G

Item no.: 2116499

Field of applications

Capercaillie, Fox, Raccoon dog, Raccoon, Roe deer, Badger
Wild goose, Black grouse
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m-0.8 100m 150m-3.1 200m-10.8 250m-24.0 300m-43.7
MRD 180m 50m1.2 100m4.0 150m2.9 200m-2.8 250m-13.9 300m-31.6


Preservation of the game's meat
1 / 3
Stopping effect
2 / 3
1 / 5
1 / 3
Exit wound
1 / 2
Cutting of hair at point of impact
0 / 1
V[m/s] 0m920 50m854 100m791 150m731 200m673 250m618 300m566
E[J] 0m1735 50m1495 100m1283 150m1095 200m929 250m783 300m657

RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with Soft point-bullet

5,6 x 50 Magnum

A well-proven projectile type still favoured by many today. High to very high energy output in game. Somewhat stronger fragmentation, therefore exit holes are not always present. Very good stopping effect. Frequently used in battues because of the above reasons and because of a certain insensitivity to minor obstacles. With round or pointed projectile tip.

Soft point-bullet

Construction soft point-bullet

  1. Lead core for optimal adaption of the deformation to the game's body 
  2. Round or pointed bullet tip for high stability 
  3. Tombac-plated steel jacket