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RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 8x68 S

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 8x68 S

The 8x68 S is a first-class cartridge for all mountain game up to argali or elk. But it is also ideal for "plains game" hunting in the African savannas. With bullet weights from 9.0 g to 14.5 g the cartridge can be used universally worldwide for heavy cloven-hoofed game. The 8x68 S is a highly accurate cartridge, which due to its high velocity is optimally suited for long distances. 

The cartridge was developed by RWS in 1939, and is also called a belt-less magnum cartridge. It represents a different performance class than the 8 mm standard cartridge 8x57 JS. 

Due to its high velocity, the 8x68 S in particular increases the effective range. As a rule, the effectiveness of the 8x68 S is somewhat better than with calibre .30 Magnum cartridges. 

RWS RWS 8x68 S HMK 12,1g

Field of applications

Highly suited Highly suited Highly suited Elk, Oryx, Red deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Chamois
Well qualified Well qualified Bear
Suitable Roe deer
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m -1.0 100m 150m -2.5 200m -8.8 250m -19.4 300m -34.8
MRD 193m 50m 1.0 100m 4.0 150m 3.5 200m -0.8 250m -9.4 300m -22.9
BC-Value: 0.326


Type of bullet: Leaded / Leadfree Leaded partial fragmentation bullet
Characteristics Highest performance - irrespective of distance and game weight
Grain Light
Preservation of the game's meat
Stopping effect
Very high
Likeliness of exit hole
Cutting of hair at point of impact


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mV [m/s] 0945 50895 100847 150800 200755 250712 300670


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mE [J] 05403 504846 1004340 1503872 2003449 2503067 3002716

RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with H-Mantel-bullet

Bullet RWS HMK
8x68 S

Special about this bullet is its famous H-groove, a predetermined breaking point in the shape of a constriction in the middle of the jacket. It assists the separation of the two projectile cores and is, along with other factors, responsible for the bullet´s dual effective system: the front part bursts very quickly after the impact in the game, produces strong fragments and transfers much energy. The cylindrical tail part separates at the H-groove, penetrates the body even if bones of strong animal are hit, and provides the desired exit hole.

RWS bullet H-Mantel deformation process
RWS hunting bullets deformation process HMK
Deformation process bullet H-Mantel

Construction H-Mantel-bullet


  1. Geometrically optimized tail for highest precision
  2. Hard tail core for extreme penetration
  3. Softer tip core for controlled fragmentation and high effectiveness
  4. Copper hollow tip for faster response in the game's body
  5. H-shaped constriction for reliable part fragmentation
  6. Modified cannelure for an optimal seat of the bullet
  7. Progressively increasing jacket wall thickness for a mass-stable residual body and a sure bullet exit

Mode of action

Shot on a block of gelatine with a length of 35cm. Shot distance: 100 Meters. Caliber: .30-06

  1. Energy transfer on lightweight game (at 10 cm): 1.193 J
  2. Energy transfer on heavyweight game (at 15 cm): 1.927 J
  3. Total energy transfer: 3.141 J
  4. Maximum energy: 166 at 10 cm
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