RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre .300 WSM

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre .300 WSM

The .300 WSM is suitable for any type of game in Central Europe - from roe deer to red deer. Based on the optimal cartridge dimensions this cartridge achieves an extended trajectory and very good precision. 

The .300 WSM was the first cartridge of the family of the belt-less Winchester Short Magnums. The cartridge is based on the design of the .404 Jeffery. It has a large case diameter and is short in length. For this reason, the .300 WSM works well in short systems and has roughly the identical performance as the .300 Win. Mag. 

RWS RWS .300 WSM EVO 11,9G

Field of applications

Highly suitedHighly suitedHighly suited Red deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar, Roe deer
Well qualifiedWell qualified Bear, Elk, Oryx, Chamois
Suitable Badger, Fox
50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
100m 50m 0.0 100m 150m -2.0 200m -8.0 250m -19.0 300m -34.0
MRD 192m 50m 1.0 100m 4.0 150m 3.0 200m 0.0 250m -9.0 300m -22.0
BC-Value: 0.366


Type of bullet: Leaded / Leadfree Leaded deformation bullet
Characteristics Guaranteed performance - irrespective of distance and game weight
Grain Heavy
Preservation of the game's meat
Very high
Stopping effect
Very high
Likeliness of exit hole
Cutting of hair at point of impact


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mV [m/s] 0930 50886 100843 150802 200762 250722 300685


0m 50m 100m 150m 200m 250m 300m
mE [J] 05146 504671 1004228 1503827 2003455 2503102 3002792

RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with Evolution-bullet

Bullet RWS EVO Evolution
.300 WSM

Following intensive development, RWS presents a new generation of deformation bullets. They have brought together the best of the latest technologies to produce their new Evolution bullet. Using the most up to date bonding techniques, combined with a brilliant jacket design, the Evolution will give impressive performance at all usual hunting distances.

Bullet RWS Evolution deformation process
RWS hunting bullet deformation process EVO
Deformation process bullet RWS Evolution

Construction Evolution-bullet


  1. Lead core bonded (=fused) with the jacket for convincing penetration 
  2. Cannelure for a solid bullet seat 
  3. Rapid-X-Tip for optimal response in the game's body 
  4. Sharp edge for cutting of hair at point of impact 
  5. Nickel-plated Tombac jacket for increased barrel life 
  6. Ballistic calotte for flight stability and precision at long distance

Mode of action

Shot on a block of gelatine with a length of 35 cm. Shot distance: 100 Meters. Caliber: .30-06 

  1. Energy transfer on lightweight game (at 10 cm): 1.276 J 
  2. Energy transfer on heavyweight game (at 15 cm): 2.148 J 
  3. Total energy transfer: 3.297 J 
  4. Maximum energy: 185 at 10 cm 
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