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RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 5,6x50 R Magnum

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre 5,6x50 R Magnum

Due to its high instantaneous effectiveness, the 5.6x50 R Magnum is optimally suitable for hunting roe deer. Furthermore, the cartridge is very well suited for hunting fox, hare from a high seat, as well as wood grouse and black grouse. This highly accurate cartridge can be used for hunting even beyond the 200 m range. 

The developer of this cartridge, which was introduced in 1968, was the engineer G. Frères, who wanted to create a cartridge that was especially suitable for hunting roe deer. The 5.6x50 R Magnum is pretty much comparable with the .222 Rem. Mag. or .223 Rem. It is basically a .222 Rem., which was made 7 mm longer. As a rimmed cartridge, it is especially suitable for break-open rifles, mountain carbines, over-and-under rifle drillings or long barrel inserts.

The cartridge shoots excellently with 3.24 up to 4.1 g bullets. There is no significant difference in the effectiveness and the preservation of the game's meat between the 3.24 g, the 3.6 g and the 4.1 g RWS soft-point bullets with pointed tip. 

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