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RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre .270 WSM

RWS centerfire rifle cartridges in calibre .270 WSM

The .270 WSM is an excellent hunting cartridge for the mountains for chamois, red deer to hunting wild sheep. The .270 WSM can also be used for roe deer and boar. Due to an extended trajectory and high velocity, it is optimally suited for very long shots. 

Winchester introduced the .270 WSM together with the 7 mm WSM and .300 WSM cartridges as the Short Magnum family in 2002. The .325 WSM was added later. The belt-less short cartridge is based on design features of the .404 Jeffery.  Like with the 6 mm PPC, Winchester focused on thick and short cases with the .270 WSM. The case shoulder angle is 35 degrees. The cartridge has a bigger internal volume than the longer .270 Win., for this reason, its performance distinctly exceeds the .270 Win. However, it is less than the .270 Wby. Mag. Its big advantage: The cartridge works well in short systems. Due to its thickness the magazine capacity is often less than with standard calibres.

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