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RWS centerifre rifle cartridges in calibre .222 Rem.

RWS centerifre rifle cartridges in calibre .222 Rem.

The .222 Rem. is very popular as all-round cartridge for hunting and sport shooting. It is both used for bench rest shooting and for hunting lighter game. 

The cartridge is very suitable for hunting roe deer and fox, whereas roe deer can surely be killed up to a distance of 200 m. Furthermore, the cartridge is usable for shooting hare from a high seat as well as wood grouse and black grouse, because the small calibre causes very little damage to the game's meat

This cartridge was already developed in 1950 and back then was a new development from Remington. Its constructive advantages still matter today: Low recoil and high precision. 

With 3.24 g bullets, this cartridge is optimally equipped for hunting. This brings best-possible performance. For sport shooting, there are also 3.37 g match bullets available.

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