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RWS centerfire rifle cartridge with Full metal jacket-bullet

Hardly any other type of bullet has got such a wide range of use as the RWS FULL-METAL-JACKET-bullet (VM-bullet). 

This bullet is especially suitable for hunting varmints and grouse, because it optimally preserves the game. This aspect also plays an important role in the preparation of preserved specimen. 

But also for hunting heavy game like for example buffalo, the RWS VM-bullet has got clear advantages, because it optimally penetrates strong bones, respectively the heavy body of the game. 

The construction of the VM-bullet with a closed front jacket and with the larger calibres even with an extra-reinforced jacket guarantees a "smooth passage" through the game's body. 

The RWS VM-bullet is made with pointed head shape with small calibres. Larger calibres have a round head shape. 

RWS Full metal jacket at a glance:

  • full metal jacket bullet für hunting varmints and black grouse
  • hunting ammo in calibre .22 Hornet
  • bullet jacket for high stability
  • lead core for high penetrating power
Full metal jacket-bullet

Construction Full metal jacket-bullet


  1. Lead core for high penetrating power 
  2. Full-jacket-tip
  3. Bullet-jacket for high stability

All available calibres

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