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Rottweil Fasan Jagd

The Rottweil Fasan Jagd shotshell was especially developed for hunting winged game. Due to its reduced shot load, it is very pleasant to shoot and produces little recoil.

Furthermore, this shotshell is very environmentally friendly, as the cardboard casefibre wad and cardboard wad are biodegradable.

The combination of high quality intermediate material allows good patterning (= shot dispersion)

Rottweil Fasan Jagd at a glance:

  • Lead shotgun shells in 12/67.5 gauge
  • For driven shoots for pheasant
  • Reduced wear on barrel thanks to SINOXID primer



Rottweil Fasan Jagd

Shotgun shell construction of Rottweil Fasan Jagd


  1. The highly sturdy, Bordeaux red cardboard case has a waterproof coating for good protection against moisture
  2. Less environmental pollution due to biodegradable cardboard case, fibre wad and cardboard wad
  3. Good patterning due to elaborated intermediate material combination
  4. Pleasant to shoot shotshell due to reduced classical 28.0 g (1 ounce) shot load
  5. Protection of the barrel due to non-corrosive SINOXID® ignition
  6.  Extra high quality 20 mm brass head

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