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Rottweil Game Edition GOOSE

Rottweil shotshells package Game Edition GOOSE

The Rottweil Game Edition GOOSE was specially developed for goose hunting. Due to the high muzzle velocity (V 2.5) of 425 m/s, there are enough energy reserves even on long shooting distances.

This cartridge contains soft iron shot with a shot pellet size of 3,25 mm. The highly-performance cartridge in 12/76 caliber is sold in packages in 10.


Rottweil Game Edition GOOSE at a glance:

  • dark green plastic case
  • 16 mm high brass head
  • soft iron shot
  • environmentally friendly/suitable for waterfowl
  • especially high velocity (V 2.5 m = 429 m/sec)
  • optimised for a shooting distance of 15 - 35 m
  • only for shotguns carrying steel proof marks

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