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A window enables the hunter to immediately see how much ammunition remains.
A window enables the hunter to immediately see how much ammunition remains.
A separable folding card provides information on all data relevant for cartridges and bullets The RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle is a hunting ammunition specifically for use in short-barreled rifles. hat RWS eine Patrone speziell für die Verwendung aus kurzen Läufen entwickelt.

IWA 2018: new ammunition of RWS and Rottweil

For over 40 years the IWA Outdoor Classics is considered the most important international trade fair for hunting and sporting arms, ammunition, optics, outdoor equipment and security equipment. Only authorized dealers and visitors have access to the trade fair in Nuremberg/Germany. For this reason, we inform you here exclusively about our new RWS rifle cartridges and Rottweil shotgun ammo.

News 2018 of the RWS centerfire rifle cartridges for hunting:

1. New RWS Packaging - more sharply defined and more effective for hunters and dealers

We redisigned our brand's identity and show a new packaging concept. In contrast to the black background color there will be only three color options in the future. They will define the respective product segment: A wood look for hunting, and yellow and orange for the sports ammunition lines. This reduction will make differentiation easier within the RWS brand, especially for specialist dealers. However, users will also benefit from being able to identify the product more quickly. The most important information, such as the caliber and bullet symbol, are also displayed on the side to enable the right ammunition to be found on the shelf right away, even after it has been stacked with the side facing out.

In addition, the handling and overview for the hunter is simplified with the new packaging. A window enables the hunter to immediately see how much ammunition remains. Moreover, each package also contains plastic inserts that can be broken apart into groups of 5. We were thinking of practicality here as well. For one thing, the inlay provides the bullet with optimum protection; for another, it gives the package considerable overall stability, making it more practical. The box and its contents are prevented from being crushed during transport and in a backpack while hunting. Moreover, the individual cartridges will no longer jingle in the bag, scaring off the game.

A separable folding card provides information on all data relevant for cartridges and bullets, such as the bullet type, ballistic data in the metric and imperial systems, bullet deformations, weight in grams and grains, caliber information, and the recommended use.

RWS will be introducing the new packages gradually in retail outlets starting in February 2018. Since the goods that are currently in the warehouse will be delivered first, the transitional phase will presumably last until the middle of the year.

More information about the new RWS packaging can be found here.

2. RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle - hunting ammunition with HIT- or Speed Tip Professional bullet for short barrel rifles

More and more hunters have come to appreciate the advantages of a short and handy barrel. This trend is fueled by the increased use of silencers, especially with the .308 Winchester calibre. RWS developed a cartridge hat tailored specifically for use in short-barreled rifles. This means that shooting a short-barreled rifle no longer means giving up long-barrel performance.

Advantages of the RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle at a glance:

Optimized for short barrels: The new RWS load is specially formulated for 42 to 55 cm barrels with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight and a high-performance primer

Reduced muzzle flash: Our fast-burning powder significantly reduces both muzzle flash and report in shorter barrels. Now you can keep sight of the target at the instant the shot is fired, which is especially important when hunting in twilight or darkness.

The best choice when shooting with silencers: Short barrels are the first choice for use with a silencer. The complete combustion of this fast-burning powder within the barrel itself not only assures a significantly higher life expectancy for the silencer but also promotes tighter groups.

Full velocity and energy: Thanks to its special formulation, the new RWS cartridge delivers full velocity and energy - even from short barrels.  This means that you need not change your hunting tactics when it comes to a short barrel and that you can expect full game-taking power, even at long ranges.

Best function also in semi-automatic rifles.


The RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle is available in April 2018 in two different bullet types: the lead-free expanding bullet RWS HIT and the partial fragmentation bullet RWS Speed Tip Professional.

Further details about RWS HIT bullets you get here.
Further information about RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL you get here.

More information about RWS .308 Win. Short Rifle can be found here.

3. RWS 10,3 x 68 Mag. - The new dimension now with HIT- and soft point TM bullet

In the past year, the ammunition brand RWS presented a true global novelty: the 10.3 x 68 Mag. RWS has completely redefined the magnum cartridge through a modern synthesis of the legendary RWS 68 case length and the traditional 10.3 mm bullet diameter. The 10.3 x 68 Mag. covers a unique spectrum and is suited to hunt anything from groundhogs to African buffalos. Especially for driven hunting of hard-to-kill wild boar, the expanded cross-sectional area guarantees immediate stopping power - also in a lead-free version.

Aside from both the highly-effective partial fragmentation bullets already on the market - the leaded RWS Speed Tip Pro at 18.5g and the RWS lead-free EVO Green at 13.5g - the range will now be expanded to include two more bullet types. The lead-free RWS HIT and the lead-free RWS bonded soft point.

The RWS HIT 10,3x68 Mag. with a 13 g bullet weight is a lead-free expanding bullet with high weight retention due to its monolithic construction. The non-fragmenting bullet guarantees fast and certain expansion with great shocking power, even at long ranges. The compact slug, which retains 99% of its original weight, assures deep penetration and a certain exit wound - even after striking bone!

Esteemed for decades, the RWS soft point TM bullet has many enthusiasts even today. In the "bonded" version based on the Woodleigh design, the latest technology is united with a proven bullet design. The sophisticated bullet construction generates a high energy release in the game's body and ensures swift deformation readiness. Due to its weight of 25.9 g (400 gr), this bullet is particularly suited for powerful big game and delivers uncompromising performance in every situation.

Both bullets have been specially adapted and redesigned for this caliber in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. They are available in April 2018.

It's a Magnum, a SmartMagnumTM - that's the slogan of the RWS 10,3x68 Mag.

More information about the RWS 10,3 x 68 Mag. can be found here.

4. RWS Speed Tip Professional - high effective bullet now in the calibers .270 Win., 7 mm Rem. Mag. and 7x64.

Our fragmentation bullet RWS Speed Tip Professional based on the H-jacket technologie won hunters over. Aa a result, we are now adding the calibers .270 Win., 7 mm Rem. and 7x64. 

By its construction, the bullet is equally designed for both short and far shooting distances. Even at great distances, the SPEED TIP PRO in the available calibers is reliable and transfers sufficient energy into the target that is: robust shock and stopping power.

Advantages of the RWS Speed Tip Professional at a glance:

High-velocity ballistics: Extremely flat trajectory together with very high velocity makes it possible to hunt at very long range. This is achieved through the projectile's long range form, including in particular its speed tip and V-tail.

Extreme Knock-Down-Power: Quick response in the body of game is achieved through the high-speed front tip with its integrated hollow point and the quick fragmenting core. The harder tail core provides guaranteed penetration power. When used in hunting, this results in significantly reduced game flight and good exit wounds with clear blood trails.

High precision: Unmatched precision is a prerequisite for long-range hits. This is guaranteed by the precision V-Tail and the bullet's nickel-plated finish.

The RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL is available in May 2018.

Further information about RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL you get here.


New shotgun ammo of Rottweil 2018:

Rottweil Game Edition - the shotshell now especailly for pheasant and goose

Our Rottweil GAME EDITION shotshell series will be further expanded with the following products, which will be available as of May:

Rottweil GAME EDITION Pheasant and Rottweil GAME EDITION Goose

Rottweil GAME EDITION shotshells have power levels and energy distributions that have been optimized for hunting particular species of small game as in the product names above. They deliver a PLUS of game-specific pattern energy at short, middle and long shooting distances and thus guarantee the best possible success in small game hunting.

For further information about Rottweil GAME EDITION shotshells click here.


Here are all press releases about the new ammunition of RWS and Rottweil:

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