• RWS HIT in .30-06 caliber at 100 m, 3 rounds each

    Discover RWS HIT’s outstanding precision!

    RWS has developed a lead-free alternative for hunters who prefer splinter-free bullets. In addition to its great penetration power, RWS HIT also scores points with its extremely high precision – as demonstrated here in testing with a variety of Merkel Helix rifles.

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  • RWS Performance Test Pack: Each pack includes all leaded and unleaded bullets in the calibres.

    RWS Performance Test Pack

    RWS presents the new premium hunting rifle cartridges. The Performance Test Pack contains five rounds of four different rifle cartridges in each calibre. This gives hunters four hits patterns when warming up, allowing them to pick precisely the right load to match their rifles. Additionally, the RWS Performance Test Pack contains a test target with instructions on how to recognise the ideal fit. RWS promises unparalleled precision.

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  • IWA 2015: New products by RWS and Rottweil

    IWA 2015: New products by RWS and Rottweil

    IWA 2015 is Europe’s leading fair for weapons and ammunition. Only accredited industry visitors and dealers are entitled to attend. To make sure you don’t miss out, our website will provide an exclusive glimpse of the new products we will exhibit at IWA 2015:

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  • RWS .22 Hornet TMS 3.0g - Lot number 67 QG - Article Number: 211 63 75

    Important Safety Information and Precautionary Recall: Lot number 67 QG, .22 Hornet TMS 3.0g RWS

    Despite every precautionary measure taken in the production of our RWS centerfire rifle cartridges, in rare instances certain defects in manufacturing may occur that are not immediately identified.

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  • RWS HIT: lead-free, mass-stable, and available now

    RWS HIT: lead-free, mass-stable, and available now

    HIT is the new lead-free and mass-stable hunting bullet in the RWS family. HIT stands for High Impact Technology. As a mass-stable deformation bullet, it is the lead-free alternative for hunters who prefer non-fragmenting bullets.

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  • Curious dealers marvel at the results of soap shooting

    RWS in Australia

    There’s a heck of a tradition behind RWS ammunition. But we are nonetheless a modern and international brand. In this news we have an example for you from Australia, where from 5 to 7 September 2014 a dealer event was held on the 3000 hectare Bunnygalore Ranch, a good 150 km from Sydney.

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