• The new dimension: RWS 10.3 x 68 Mag. Evo Green with a weight of 13,5 g

    IWA: new ammo of RWS 2017

    At IWA OutdoorClassics we introduce these new products. This year we focused on the extension of our centerfire rifle cartridge assortment with new calibers.

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  • Mr. Rolf Knäpper, RWS (on the left), presents the donation check to Mr. Georg Kurella (Vice President LJV NRW), Regional Hunting Association of North-Rhine Westphalia (on the right).

    RWS donates EUR 4,500 to the Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Biotopes in North-Rhine Westphalia

    This year we were delighted to donate €4,500 to the Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Biotopes in North-Rhine Westphalia.

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  • The RWS Performance Test Pack won the "Trophée Connaissance de la Chasse" of the correspondent french hunting magazin.

    RWS Performance Test Pack wins the „Trophée Connaissance de la Chasse" in the rifle cartridge class

    Good news for our RWS Performance Test Pack. The french hunting magazin "Connaissances de La Chasse" awarded RWS Performance Test Pack with the Trophée Connaissance de la Chasse“ in the category centerfire rifle cartridges. The award emphasises the idea of the RWS Performance Test Pack: Four cartridges of one calibre.

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  • RWS Speed Tip Professional .338 calibre Lapua Magnum

    IWA 2016: New ammunition from RWS

    The IWA is the leading trade fair for weapons and ammunition in Europe. Only legitimized professional visitors and dealers are invited to attend. That is why we are putting on our website the new products that we exclusively presented at the fair. For 2016, we are introducing the following products.

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  • RWS HIT in .30-06 caliber at 100 m, 3 rounds each

    Discover RWS HIT’s outstanding precision!

    RWS has developed a lead-free alternative for hunters who prefer splinter-free bullets. In addition to its great penetration power, RWS HIT also scores points with its extremely high precision – as demonstrated here in testing with a variety of Merkel Helix rifles.

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  • RWS Performance Test Pack: Each pack includes all leaded and unleaded bullets in the calibres.

    RWS Performance Test Pack

    RWS presents the new premium hunting rifle cartridges. The Performance Test Pack contains five rounds of four different rifle cartridges in each calibre. This gives hunters four hits patterns when warming up, allowing them to pick precisely the right load to match their rifles. Additionally, the RWS Performance Test Pack contains a test target with instructions on how to recognise the ideal fit. RWS promises unparalleled precision.

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