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The ammunition counts

That’s why generations of hunters have trusted RWS

For more than a century, RWS has been making all kinds of rifle cartridges exclusively in Germany, at its plant in Stadeln. The origins go back to the year 1855, when Heinrich Utendoerffer began producing primer compositions in his Nuremberg laboratory. 34 years later, this laboratory was taken over by the “Rheinisch Westfälische Sprengstoff-Actien- Gesellschaft” (RWS), which had been founded in Troisdorf in 1886. RWS was a part of Dynamit Nobel AG from 1931 up to the spring of 2002. And since then, a wide range of explosive-based products has been manufactured here, now under the control of RUAG Ammotec GmbH. 

Shooters who select RWS ammunition profit from those long years of experience and the know-how of our staff – all of them specialists, and a lot of them enthusiastic hunters as well. Not for nothing have RWS rifle cartridges made an unequalled impact around the world, ever since their introduction. Generations of hunters have trusted RWS quality. Because they know: ammunition from RWS fulfills the most exacting requirements and is the guarantee for a perfect hunt.   


... when you know you can rely on the cartridge 

Hunting is never predictable. Imagine you are in the perfect situation to shoot a big running boar, the cartridge misfires or the bullet does not perform as expected; suddenly you are now in a potentially dangerous situation. Choice of ammunition must not be left to chance, it is essential for hunting success. 

For RWS reliability is top priority, which is why there are precise quality control checks after every one of the 100 production steps in the manufacture of a rifle cartridge. A cartridge is only approved for sale after it has met all the criteria relevant to safety and performance. For reliability - RWS.  

+++ RWS is the only German manufacturer that makes the components for rifle cartridges itself: projectile, case and primer +++ Made in Germany +++ More than 100 production steps to the finished rifle cartridge +++ 14 production steps and 11 quality checks for RWS projectiles +++ 8 quality checks for RWS cartridge cases +++ Daily quality assurance by a qualified staff of 35 +++ Up to 26 manual checks +++ Laser-supported primer checks +++ Testing with more than 120 shots during production +++ 7 final test-shooting series before the production batch is accepted +++ 2,400 representative weapons available for testing purposes +++

"Here in Quality Assurance we check before, during and after production, to ensure that our rifle cartridges meet all our requirements. These are demanding, and we have to make an effort every day to live up to them. But the result is that our cartridges do their job: they are reliable, have a precise trajectory, and the right effect on the game. A consistently high level of quality is reason enough to set the standards very high, even if that means extra effort."

Norbert Cyron (Head of Quality Management at RWS)


... at all distances 

It´s quite easy to be satisfied with the accuracy of a rifle cartridge at 100 mts but only a long range shot will prove if you can rely on the accuracy of your ammunition at all distances. A cartridge that can fulfill all the demands of it is a pre-requisite for successful hunting. A precision cartridge must have all the components matched to each other which is why RWS has the production of casesprimers and bullets under its own control. For RWS accuracy is essential - at all distances.

+++ Every component is checked by in-house firing tests +++ 35 in-house firing points, including an indoor 500 m range +++ A daily consumption of up to 10,000 cartridges for testing +++ Regular checks for gas pressure, chambering capability and accuracy +++ Precision testing using various barrels and at least 20 shots +++ Radar-checked trajectory +++ More than 1,000 special barrels for testing accuracy and gas pressure +++ Famous gun manufacturers frequently use RWS ammunition to check the accuracy of their products +++ Trade journalists use RWS ammunition for testing weapons +++ Numerous European and world championship titles and Olympic victories have been won with RWS ammunition +++

"Precision is a fascinating thing, and I am crazy about it. Especially since I started working for RWS. From then on, it even got worse! OK, so every now and again I‘ll try a shot with a competing product, but RWS produces the most consistent results. For me, it’s part of the pleasure of hunting to know that the shot will be on target." 

Gunnar Petrikat (Domestic sales at RWS)


... when the gun and ammunition are in tune  

A valuable gun is worthless without the correct quality ammunition. Every shot subjects the barrel to a certain amount of stress, this can be minimized by selecting the right ammunition. 

RWS uses mercury free primers and grades of powder with additives to help preserve the barrel. We also use special coatings on our bullets to keep wear to a minimum and extend the life of the barrel. A high value match for life long successful hunting.  

+++ As a matter of course, our 67 loads contain powder additives to reduce bore fouling +++ 5 different special surfaces are used for RWS projectiles +++ The noncorrosive RWS SINOXID® primer has been used for more than 90 years +++ RWS has produced the unique Nato-qualified lead and heavy-metal-free SINTOX® primer for more than 25 years +++ Systematic material analysis of the case and projectile materials, such as spectrum analysis, hardness and grain size analysis, section micrographs of the structure of layered components, tensile strength tests, surface analysis and adherence tests +++ 4 laboratory tests before acceptance of raw materials +++ RWS cases are highly esteemed by reloaders +++


... instant knock down

The shot is taken and the game drops on the spot thanks to the finely tuned shock effect of the special bullets from RWS. 

All RWS special bullets are designed to give a triple shock effect but with minimal meat damage. Initial shock, penetration shock and exit wound are all features of every special bullet from RWS. For all types of game and at all distances these bullets have an outstanding knock down effect.  

+++ The RWS range includes more than 115 different projectiles and 40 different calibres +++ Calibres range from 5.6 mm to 10.7 mm +++ More than 40 types of powder +++ Projectile development based on more than 250,000 test firing reports +++ 2,500 gelatine blocks used for test firing each year +++ X-ray photographs used since 1950 for the evaluation of proof tests +++ RWS test hunting ground for in-the-field analysis of the effectiveness of new developments +++ Newly developed projectiles are tested on well over 1,000 items of game before production is approved +++ Up to 50 prototypes before a projectile reaches series production +++ Projectile energy ranges from 460 to 6450 Joules +++ Projectile weight ranges from 2.6 g to 19.4 g  +++ Velocities range from 590 to 1150 m/s +++ Close partnership with the Federation of German Professional Hunters +++

"The special projectiles from RWS have to be on target, just like any other bullet. If this is the case, then they act reliably and kill properly and humanely. And if a shot is not as perfectly placed as I would wish - something that may happen from time to time in a fast-moving hunt – then my experience is that the special projectiles make all the difference. In general, the game drops after a few meters, which saves a difficult search by my partner and his dog."

Hermann Wolff (General Manager of the Federation of German Professional Hunters)  


... when innovation enhances the hunt  

Hunting has a history that goes back for thousands of years and RWS has influenced the last 100 years of that history. The performance of RWS rifle cartridges has opened up present day hunting opportunities and tomorrow they will be out in front of today’s technology.

The RWS special projectiles have influenced the nature of hunting ever since they were developed and have always contributed to humane hunting. Numerous RWS experts are already working on tomorrow’s innovations – evolution marches on …  

+++ RWS special projectiles are continually being optimized +++ The H-jacket bullet has been redeveloped 7 times since its introduction +++ In-house developments have produced more than 50 patents in the field of powders and primers +++ More than 100 patents in the field of projectile and cartridge case development +++ Proprietary development of the calibres 5.6 x 57 (R), 6.5 x 57 (R), 6.5 x 65 (R), 6. x 68 (R) und 8 x 68S +++ 6 different types of lead for projectile cores +++ 4 different materials for projectile jackets +++ More than 100 primer recipes +++ More than 95 different cases +++ Innovation 2008: Super Clean Technology +++ Innovation 2009: Flash Control Technology +++ RWS is seen as the most reliable, competent and innovative brand 1) +++ RWS is the best-known brand of ammunition for hunters 2) +++ RWS products stand for accuracy, humane hunting, little damage to the meat, and short to zero flight distances 2) +++

1) Forum! Market Research, Germany, France: Analysis of emotional customer attachment, 2007
2) GFK–Studie Germany: Brand & Communication Research, 2004  

"When, as a product manager, I look back on the work of my colleagues and predecessors, I can see again and again that we really have achieved a lot. It is fascinating to study the multitude of calibers, cases and projectiles that have resulted in a 3-figure number of patents. This gives one an impetus, and so we are always ready to take up the challenge to develop innovative products."

Heinz Rieß (R & D Project Manager at RWS) 

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